This page is a fully referenced list of the Ficus species known from the diets of reptiles and fish. It is part of Appendix 2 of “Fig-eating by Vertebrate Frugivores: A Global Review. Biological Reviews 76:529-572″ [PDF].

Records are presented in the following format:

Order: Family
FRUGIVORE CODE Common name Scientific name FIG CODES (Reference)

To identify the Ficus species you can cross-reference the fig codes with Appendix 1. The full list of references is here.

X000 Gray’s Monitor Lizard Varanus olivaceous FIGS (Auffenberg, 1988), ALTI, BENJ, MERR, BALE (Auffenberg, 1979)
X001 Aldabran Giant Tortoise Geochelone gigantea RUBR (Hnatiuk, 1978)
X001.5 Tortoise Geochelone carbonaria / denticulata FIGS (Moskovits, 1998),
X002 Cape Flat lizard Platysaurus capensis CORD (Whiting & Greeff, 1997; Burrows & Burrows, in press)
X003 Black River Turtle Rhinoclemmys funerea INSI (Moll & Jansen, 1995)
X004 Jesus Christ Lizard Basiliscus basiliscus FIGS (van Devender, 1983)
X005 Flat Lizard Platysaurus broadleyi CORD (Whiting & Greeff, 1999)
X006 Ctenosaur Ctenosaura similisCOTI (Roberts & Heithaus, 1986)
X006.5 Culebra Island Giant Anole Anolis roosevelti FIGS (FWS, 1992)

X007 Catfish Clarius major BENJ (Ridley, 1930)
X008 Machacha Brycon guatamalensis INSI (Horn, 1997)
X009 Unspecified Asian fish species VARI1 (Corlett, 1998b)
X010 Fish Pterodoras granulosus FIGS (Conceicao de Sousa-Stevaux et al., 1994)
X011 Unspecified African fish species ASPE (Verkerke, 1987)



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